Joining Longfield

At Longfield, our aim is for our learning environment to be inspirational, exciting and welcoming. As a result, the transition from primary to secondary is a time that pupils can enjoy and enables our new year 7 pupils to have the best possible start to their time at Longfield.

Transition days at Longfield are an opportunity for pupils to experience everything our school has to offer, from the following new timetables to joining in with clubs and extra-curricular activities. Pupils are supported in order to ensure that they quickly begin to make progress, make new friends and form strong relationships with the teaching and pastoral staff. A team of dedicated staff in a variety of roles work closely with pupils, parents and carers to support them during this time.

Staff also liaise closely with their primary school colleagues to ensure that all of the important information that will enable us to make joining Longfield as positive as possible is shared. Above all, pupils enjoy their transition experience and look forward even more to joining us the following September.