Head Teacher’s Message

Head of School Message

Having entered the building in November 2017, it is with great pride that I continue to strive for the best possible outcomes for this unique and special community.

We are Longfield –the beating heart in the north of Darlington, with a determination to maximise the potential of the young people under our care and support the community as a whole.

Meeting the needs of children and families is essential to our vision to maximise the academic potential of the pupils in our care. We aim to work with families and carers of pupils to create a  bespoke package of support, that will enable our young people to progress to the Post 16 provider of their choice and ultimately  beyond this into successful employment.

Since joining SWIFT Academies in Spring 2018, Longfield has seen its progress figure improve by circa +0.52.

Equally significant is the improvement in attendance of 2.72% over a similar period of time

Our key focus is always to understand the individual and those who care for and support them and what makes them unique. The welfare and safety of the families of the community we serve is of paramount importance to us; working with community partners we seek to improve the circumstances for all of the families within our care umbrella who require support.

We have an ethos of mutual respect based around Fundamental British Values and seek to support everyone with a range of expertise to assist capitalising on the town-wide approach towards Early Help.

We are aspirational and wish to prepare all our pupils for adult life.

We have a Personal Development offer which builds on a core value of community cohesion and seeks to instil a sense of purpose, self-discipline, resilience and determination around the pride which is hugely evident in the streets in and around this school site.

Nicholas Lindsay

Head of School

October 2019