Science & STEM

Science is a vital part of any person’s education because of the way in which our lives depend upon Science and Technology. By developing science skills and knowledge we hope students will be prepared for life in the 21st century.Science is a core subject in the National Curriculum.

KS3 Specification and Assessments

Science at KS3 is a ‘World just waiting to be discovered and explored’. Pupils are encouraged to be curious about all aspects, and creative in how they think and present their work. Subject specific literacy, numeracy and problem solving approaches and techniques are introduced, with plenty of opportunity for practice!

Y7 – Linear Based Curriculum

In response to the introduction of the new GCSE specifications the current Y7 are following a linear programme of study as this will best support how they will be assessed in later years. During each half term a number of units will be delivered covering all three science disciplines over the course of each of the two years.

In addition to this there is a comprehensive monitoring regime that encourages pupils to be independent learners and gives them plenty of opportunities to reflect and improve on their performance as they progress through each year.

KS3 Curriculum plan Y7

Y8 – Project Based Curriculum

The current Y8 are continuing with their project based curriculum. Each half term they will gain new knowledge of themed science subject content alongside developing their literacy, numeracy and problem solving skills.

Each project is assessed in a variety of ways to allow all areas of progress to be acknowledged.

KS3 Curriculum plan Y8

KS4 Specification and Assessments

Key Stage 4 Science at Longfield Academy begins in Year 9 and continues until Year 11. All of our pupils are entered into GCSE courses, and have the opportunity to be certified in at least two GCSEs (this is called Combined Science).

The exam board we are currently working with is the AQA, whose qualifications are held in extremely high regard by employers and further education providers.

Our Science curriculum covers the three main strands of science – biology, chemistry and physics – and includes a strong emphasis on practical work. We build on the knowledge, skills and understanding which the pupils acquired during Key Stage 3, where our pupils build extremely strong foundations on which to add the required depth and breadth of understanding so that they might maximise their progress during Key Stage 4.

The two alternative pathways through the GCSEs are shown here along with the terminal assessment requirements.