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 English at Longfield


Welcome to the English Department at Longfield!

We recognise English as a vital way of enabling you to communicate in your school life, working life and globally through new communication technologies. 

Literature in English reflects the experience of people from many cultures and times. In studying English you will develop skills in speaking and listening, reading and writing that will help you to express yourselves creatively and imaginatively and to communicate with others effectively.
You will read stories, poetry and drama as well as non-fiction and media texts such as magazines and films. You will also be given the opportunity to create your own texts and communicate in different situations and environments.  In English at Longfield you’ll learn how to become independent thinkers and confident communicators.
Course Description
In years 7, 8 and 9 students’ abilities are
assessed and progress measured through an integrated programme of speaking and listening, reading and writing; in year 9, pupils develop  GCSE skills so that the transition to KS4 is as smooth as possible. In KS4, pupils either complete a single award GCSE English course or a double award GCSE English Language and Literature course.


 English at Longfield at KS 4

Year 11 pupils at Longfield are following the Edexcel GCSE specifications; either a single award: GCSE English, or a double award: GCSE English Language and English Literature. Year 10 pupils are following the comparable AQA GCSE specifications. In both years, pupils use their reading, writing and speaking and listening skills, alongside studying a wide variety of non-fiction texts and literary works such as Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’ and Steinbeck’s ‘Of Mice and Men’ 

Pupils are assessed through a combination of controlled tests and external examinations. Whichever pathway your son or daughter follows, the English Department hope to offer learning experiences appropriate to each pupil.

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 English at Longfield at KS 3


Over Key Stage 3, pupils follow a continuous course covering the Government’s revised assessment foci for reading, writing, speaking and listening. The department have planned this course carefully so that each focus is applied over a range of text types and genres, old and new.

Pupils are assessed continually in order to ensure that they are progressing; the assessments also help the department to tailor teaching to the needs of classes and individual pupils.

Pupils are given feedback on their assessments so they are aware of the steps they need to take in order to improve.  Teachers work closely with pupils in order to enable them to progress to the next level.

In year 9, pupils undertake a range of activities designed to help them to prepare for their GCSE English course; the year 9 curriculum has been specifically designed to help pupils develop the skills needed in KS4.