Sport & Health

KS3 Specification and Assessment


All core PE lessons from year 7 to 11 will involve two different sporting activities per week, over an 8 weeks block of work. During these lessons pupils will develop their knowledge, skill and understanding in a range of sports and physical activities from Football to Swimming. Throughout their unit of work pupils will also look to develop their tactical awareness, as well as increasing their general fitness. Throughout the year we also focus on pupil’s core values including leadership, communication and team work.

At the start of each block of work pupils will be given a starting point score which is based on their previous years’ work in that sport or during a baseline test in lesson one for new sports and activities. The pupils will be formatively assessed throughout the block of work through observations, peer assessments, question and answers and performances. Using this data pupils will be given an end of unit score. This is particularly important for pupils taking/looking to take GCSE PE or Btec Sport as their practical ability marks goes toward their final exam grade.

Curriculum Plan


At Longfield we try to encourage every pupil to develop an appreciation of different musical styles and cultures.

Pupils will be helped to develop the confidence to play keyboards and various specialist percussion instruments and use a range of music specific IT systems.

Those who show interest and/or the aptitude may wish to learn to play Brass,Drums, Woodwind or String instruments to a higher level.

Pupils study music through a range of different topics including Elements, Jazz and Blues, Rap and Music Technology in Y7 through to Space Music, African Music and Film Music in Y8.

Pupils are encouraged to perform compose and listen within each unit of work. Formative assessment is carried out throughout each unit with a summative piece of work completed at the end.

KS4 Specification and Assessment

Core Physical Education

All pupils throughout the school are timetabled for 2 hours of Physical Education per week. During these lessons pupils will have the opportunities to experience, learn about and progress physically and cognitively in a range of sporting activities. Please see below this years Physical Education Curriculum cycle.

Curriculum Plan

Some pupils will opt to take a GCSE PE or Btec in Sport from Year 9 until year 11. These pupils will have an additional 2 hours of Physical Education per week with at least one of those lessons being a classroom based lesson looking at the theoretical elements of their choice course.

GCSE Physical Education

In GCSE PE 30% of the course will come from their practical ability in one Team sport, one Individual sport and one other. Pupils will achieve these marks from their practical lessons from Key Stage 3, their current core PE lessons and extra-curricular sporting activities in and out of school. 60% of the course will be exam based which come in the form of 2 separate 30% examinations. The final 10% come from a piece of coursework they will complete on a chosen sport.

New KS4 Curriculum GCSE

Btec Sport Level 1

Pupils who have selected Btec Sport will complete the course over 2 years. This course is mainly coursework based but pupils be sit an examination during their first year of study. Throughout the course pupils will be expected to bring in their PE kits as there will be a number of elements to the course that will be better taught and learned practically. This course is graded as Pass, Merit or Distinction and pupils achieve one of these marks depending on the standard of their coursework produced throughout the two years.

KS4 Curriculum BTEC

Health and Social Care

The BTEC First Award in Health and Social Care is taught over two lessons a week which works out at about 120 guided learning hours (GLH) . Learners must complete the two core units. Unit 1 is an exam which is assed externally; the other three units are coursework based and assessed internally.

Pupils will look at how people grow and develop throughout their lives and how can factors such as lifestyle choices, relationships and life events affect growth and development. They will develop an understanding of how people develop physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially and how different life events can have an impact on these areas.

Health and Social Care GCSE

Pupils who opt for the GCSE will be taught twice a week looking at areas such as Personal Development, Relationships and Life Stages. The course is broken down to a 1 hour 15 minute exam worth 70 Marks and two assignments worth 80 marks.