Our children live in an ever moving world where increasingly sophisticated methods of communication are becoming available to all via new technologies. Whilst this new technology is fantastic and very powerful the opportunities it offers can also come with hazards.

At Longfield Academy we seek to embrace new technology and harness its power in a safe and responsible manner. All of our students are made aware of current e-safety issues throughout their time with us and staff take every opportunity to reinforce the messages of safety whilst accessing the Internet or other forms of communication. Staff are regularly retrained in current e-safety related issues.

If your child is unfortunate enough to be involved in an e-safety incident outside of school it is important to know which organisations can help you. With any potential hate crime the Police are the ultimate body responsible for any action they deem appropriate; in terms of e-safety behaviour this is partially devolved to other trusted organisations. Our e-Safety blog page will provide you with information about e-safety both in terms of advice and how to report issues you or your children are dealing with due to online activity.

Any incidents relating to e-safety can be reported to your child’s Head of Year and these will be reported to the School’s designated E-Safety Coordinators Emma Hickerson and Mandy Payne.