Facilities For Hire

The local community can turn to Longfield Academy of Sport for access to nationally renowned facilities suited to a diverse line-up of activities. Groups and teams from throughout the region come together to follow their passions during weekday evenings and on weekends. Helping people stay healthy and socially active are fundamental to the operation of Longfield Sport.

Available Facilities

Take a glance below and you can see our extensive range of sports facilities for hire. Darlington sports teams depend on us for access to our £2 million sports hall, 3G pitch, grass pitches, fitness suite, gymnasium, dance studio, running track and pristinely kept Darlington swimming pool. Our facilities are available after 5pm weekly and all day on weekends.

The facilities available for hire consist of the following:-


An incredible £2 million investment was made to give Longfield Academy Darlington a superb sports hall to share with the local community. You can get in touch with Longfield Sport to book our hall for many different activities. This is a fantastic way to have fun with friends and also exercise regularly.

Five-a-Side Football

Five-a-side is a major draw, and regular bookings can be made to use our spacious sports hall. Groups can make a maximum £42 hourly booking that is extremely affordable when split between several players. An hour of indoor football among friends can be more exciting than going for a run.


The sports hall can also help cricketers, who depend on our hall for indoor practice in winter and during dark nights. Options are available to hire a single net, two lanes or four lanes for large groups of players. There is even a bowling machine to practice with. Being able to concentrate in warm, bright conditions can help you stay technically sharp all-year-round.

Indoor Sports

Multiple indoor sports can be played in our multipurpose hall. The design and availability of equipment makes it possible to set up the hall for active and enjoyable sports like basketball, netball, badminton and volleyball. Longfield Sport promotes an all-inclusive policy towards embracing sports. You can also get in touch to make an alternative enquiry about using the hall.

Book the Sports Hall

You can contact Longfield Sport to make a regular booking for your team or group of friends. Costs are extremely competitive for our stunning sports hall, making this a shrewd decision on all fronts. Contact us now to secure your place in the schedule. Get in touch by:

All bookings are subject to agreement of Longfield Academy of Sport’s code of conduct policy. Failure to follow the code will result in your removal of access to our Darlington sports centre and loss of your booking fee.


Introducing a Darlington gym that can give you state-of-the-art equipment, expert fitness trainers and some of the lowest membership rates in the local area. Longfield Sport’s fitness suite provides a relaxed space in which to focus on your exercise and meet your targets. Here you can find everything you need to succeed.

Achieve Results

A diverse exercise programme is the most effective way to deliver results and prepare you for the next level. Join our fitness suite and you can undertake a balanced programme that integrates cardiovascular and resistance exercises. Combine both and you can notice a quicker improvement. Also, don’t forget that trainers are present if you want to book a one-on-one session for specialist guidance.

Opening Hours

Members of the public can access the gym from 5:15pm to 10:00pm on weekdays and from 8:00am to 4:00pm on Saturday and 8:00am to 6:00pm on Sundays. 

Membership Options

Longfield Sport has some of the lowest membership fees of Darlington gyms. Options are in place for adults and under 18s alike, with tiers available for full-time and causal. An advantage of being a full-time member is a complementary induction, while casual members can control their budgets by paying for individual sessions:

  • Full-time member – £15 per month by standing order
  • Under 18s full-time – £12 per month by standing order
  • Joint Monthly Membership – £25 per month by standing order
  • Family Monthly Membership (2 adults + 1 child) – £35 per month by standing order
  • Family Monthly Membership (2 adults + 2 children) – £40 per month payable by standing order
  • Casual member – £10 induction and £3 per session
  • Under 18s casual – £8 induction and £2.40 per session
Swimming Offers

Another benefit of being an adult full-time member is your free access to community swimming sessions every Tuesday from 7:00pm to 8:30pm. You can switch up your training programme with a change of scenery every week with this great offer. Meanwhile, casual members can also benefit but from a reduced £2 rate.

Enquire Today

Longfield Sport’s fitness suite can do so much to support your healthy lifestyle, from special classes like Tabatta to personal training sessions. Please get in touch with all queries about membership, facilities and regular classes:

Longfield Academy of Sport is here for pupils and the local community – get healthy with us.


Longfield Academy of Sport boasts a cutting-edge 3G pitch that is accessible for sports teams and casual players in Darlington. Grass pitches are a great way to play football and other sports, but they can be incredibly difficult to maintain over the course of a year. The clear solution during winter is to switch to Longfield Sport’s state-of-the-art 3G pitch and get the most out of every training session.

Incredibly Safe Design

Safety is another major benefit of a 3G pitch. British weather can wreak havoc on grass pitches for many months of the year, leading to surface inconsistencies that compromise players’ safety. By switching to a reliable 3G pitch, you can train and play on a safer surface that greatly minimises risk.

Yearlong Access

A 3G pitch can be much softer on sensitive joints like hips and knees, which can ache after prolonged exposure to hard surfaces in winter and dry grass in summer. The integration of porous layers to drain water away efficiently ensures a reliable all-weather pitch for the entire year. Football teams from throughout Darlington can benefit from more consistent training sessions on our 3G pitch.

3G Pitch Bookings in Darlington

Longfield Sport can accept 3G pitch bookings on evenings throughout the week and during Saturdays and Sundays. Adults can hire this incredible surface at £75 per match. You can also have flexibility if you want only a third of the 3G pitch. Adults can make these bookings at £40 per hour and juniors can do this for just £25 per hour. These prices are incredibly cost-friendly for group bookings.

How to Book a 3G Pitch

You can contact the Longfield Sport team to arrange individual bookings or else for the long-term. There is room for some flexibility in the schedule. All you need to do is get in touch today:

Please note that all bookings are subject to our 3G pitch’s conduct of conduct. Your failure to adhere to our rules will result in the cancellation of your booking and loss of any fees.


Floodlit tennis courts/netball courts. The five floodlit tennis courts are bookable all year round, for both club and individual usage. On the same multi use courts there are 4 bookable netball courts.


Longfield Sport has an excellent swimming pool that is open to the public every Tuesday night for Adult Community Swim. You can come to our pool for incredible health benefits and to have responsible fun with family and friends. 

Ideal for All Ages

The NHS advocates swimming as a great all-round exercise that is inclusive to virtually every member of society. You can start swimming regardless of your current ability or age. The beauty of swimming is that you get to exercise on your terms. Having this freedom can be extremely reassuring to people who are intimidated by the thought of exercise.

Incredible Health Benefits

Swimming is a fantastic form of exercise because it enables you to maintain a high heart rate for cardiovascular benefits. Meanwhile, it is a low-impact exercise that will cause minimal impact to joints like knees and hips. You can even tone muscles and build strength in areas that you cannot in many other types of exercise.

Affordable Pool Hire

Hiring our entire pool is surprisingly affordable when compared to other swimming pools in Darlington. For just £25, you can hire the pool for an entire hour. Your only other cost concern will be to pay for the hire of a qualified lifeguard to oversee your session. This is a non-negotiable requirement of booking our Darlington pool.

Swimming Pool Enquiries

Making your booking is a quick, simple process. Place yours now by contacting us on either of the following numbers:

  • Call on 01325 348154 after 5:00pm weekdays and anytime on weekends

Alternatively, you can email any queries to bookings@longfield.swiftacademies.org.uk


The current gym is used predominately for general sporting activities, including gymnastics, circuit training and tabata.


The current cinder running track is available for hire by the community; however the facilities does not benefit from being floodlighted.


Sports like football and rugby are integral for their ability to develop team-building and leadership skills, all while promoting regular exercise within an active lifestyle. We take it as our responsibility to make this happen by providing excellent grass pitches. Longfield Academy of Sport understands that Darlington’s teams need dependable grass pitches where they can train and play their games without spending heavily.

Supporting Darlington Teams

Darlington’s amateur football and rugby teams regularly depend on our grass pitches for playing their games over the course of a season. They appreciate our organised booking process that lets them arrange games well in advance, allowing for coaches to focus on what they love. By booking with Longfield Sport, you can spend more time concentrating on training and games.

Low-Cost Booking Rates

Longfield Sport’s cost of booking a football pitch or rugby pitch is among the lowest in Darlington. Either type of pitch is available for bookings at a mere £27 per hour (Under 18 games) £47 per game adults. The cost works out astonishingly low per player.

Changing Rooms Available

After placing a booking, you can turn up for training or your next game and expect to find a well-kept pitch, weather permitting, with clear markings and goals in position. As part of your booking, you also get access to changing rooms for your players to get ready in comfort. Changing rooms are also safe places to store valuables and clean up after the game. You only need to focus on winning.

Contacting Longfield Sport

You can talk to us any day of the week to ask about fees and to arrange a booking. These are your options:

After receiving confirmation, you need to make your team aware of Longfield Sport’s code of conduct. Fail to adhere to the code and you will lose access plus your booking fee.

Make a Booking

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any booking enquires. A member of the Longfield Sport team can provide you with clear date, time and pricing information. These are your contact options:

Longfield can accept singular and on-going bookings. Get in touch today.